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Prohibition: Awarded Recognition at the Vapouround Awards in 2023

by Jax Robertson - 6 minute read - May 26, 2023 -

It’s an exciting time for vaping enthusiasts everywhere! Especially here at Vape Juice, after our very good friends over at Prohibition walked away with a highly prized Vapouround Award this month. In today’s blog post, we will look back at the journey leading up to receiving this award…

Who Are Prohibition?

Now, if you’re completely unfamiliar with the name Prohibition, I must ask, where have you been for the past ten years? Many of the brands you know and love form part of the powerhouse production group that is Prohibition. They’re an award-winning e-liquid manufacturer that has just bagged a HUGE win at the eighth annual Vapouround Awards in 2023.

Their impressive journey of success has been a long time coming – they have been crafting premium e-liquids since 2012 and have grown to become both leaders and pioneers within their industry. But to us, they’re more than just a namesake. They form part of our very foundations. In fact, every liquid you see on the eCommerce line-up here at Vape Juice has been crafted by the proverbial vape Gods for your perusal and… enjoyment.

Prohibition Polaroid's - Through the years.

The Rise To Fame, Igniting An Old Flame.

As mentioned above, the team at Prohibition have a longstanding history of producing big-name brands within the vape industry. Yeti, Prohibition Potions, and Holy Cow, to name but a few. But their journey started way back in 2012 in a bustling high street at the heart of Kent in Maidstone.

Setting the hustle and bustle aside, they were determined not to get lost in the crowd. And that’s exactly what they did. Rising above, as their products began to quickly capture the attention of the nation.

Starting life as a coffee house meets vape store, encapsulated in a 1920s speakeasy-inspired setting, the brand quickly grew with the introduction of its first in-house brand – Potions. The line-up consisted of seven flavours: Black Crack, Grace’s Secret, Ice Remington, Pink Liquor, Moonshine Punch, Blue Raspberry Hooch and Bathtub Gin.

The liquids cleared the shelves before the team could replenish, and before long, they had become a staple amongst flavour-chasing vapers of the early 2010s. They’d struck a chord with vapers, who wanted to experience an old-time classic they’d grown familiar with in an entirely new way.

From there, the brand soon established a further three stores across the South East, with Hoxton leading the way, before saying hello to Tunbridge Wells and, lastly, Canterbury.

Fast forward to 2023, and the stores have all but whittled away in picturesque pursuit of production perfection, putting every ounce of the company’s directive into becoming the most successful and aspirational manufacturers in the UK. And they did it. Loudly and proudly!

After five years, Prohibition brought the spark back to an old flame, teasing the masses with a comeback many had sought for years. Potions… made a historic return in April 2023 with a complete revision to flavours and a full overhaul in design.

Prohibition now has countless awards under its belt, with the most recent arriving in May this year, where the brand took home ‘Best Manufacturer’ as well as runner-up in ‘Best Branding & Marketing’ at the eighth annual Global Vapouround Awards – quite the achievement!

The Prohibition legacy will go down as one of craftsmanship, innovation and dedication for all to admire for years to come.

Why You Should Pick Up A Copy Of Vapouround.

Vapouround – the world’s leading vape trade magazine – believes in the power of telling stories and aims to inspire. They’ve been at the forefront of the vaping revolution since 2015, producing a range of publications that capture all aspects of the industry, from the most immersive e-liquid reviews and guides to interviews with leading brands within their space.

They pride themselves on being an informative and entertaining magazine for vape connoisseurs. And whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, Vapouround has something for everyone to enjoy each month – which is why we think you should pick up a copy… And why we’re so thrilled to see Prohibition win ‘Best Manufacturer’ at the awards this year!

Winning Best Manufacturer At The Global Vapouround Awards.

The award is so much more than just a shiny cabinet keepsake… For the team at Pro, this is landmark recognition for the years of hard work that’s got them to where they stand right here in 2023.

It’s been a long, grafting and winding road, and I know the team are over the moon to claim their place as the UK’s best manufacturer after working so hard to build upon their core values of craftsmanship, quality and innovation, creating incredible brands along the way that have truly stood leagues above.

The award represents all that Prohibition stands for – quality, consistency and unique flavour combinations – and it’s a testament to how far we’ve come in such a short period of time.

Vape Juice - Blog - Prohibition at the Vapouround Awards

We Caught Up With Prohibition CEO Billy Webb, And Here’s What He Had To Say.

“’Receiving this prestigious award is a tremendous honour for our entire team at Prohibition. This recognition serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and our dedication to delivering exceptional products.

This award only motivates us to strive even harder, continue pushing boundaries, and set new industry standards as we look forward to an exciting future of growth and success.”

– Billy Webb, Prohibition CEO

What This Means For The Future Of Prohibition.

For the team at Pro, winning ‘Best Manufacturer’ at the Vapouround Awards 2023 not only cements their name into the history books but also brings a brighter future. With the award under their belt, Prohibition can now focus on extending their core values with more energy than ever before, introducing exciting new ranges and products to keep pushing vaping forward into its next era.

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Well, there you have it! Prohibition has shown that hard work pays off, and their team’s dedication is what allowed them to pick up the award for ‘Best Manufacturer’. Their stellar liquids are recognizable brands and can be found on the Vape Juice website. Who knows what amazing products they’ll produce next?

One thing’s for sure – the bar has been set high, and we can’t wait to see where Prohibition takes us! So, if you want to get your hands on some award-winning e-liquid, then head over to the shop and check out their brands. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your next favourite flavour or discover something entirely new!

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